Nicacius Project - Pittsburgh

Join men and women from the Diocese of Pittsburgh in prayer, fasting and letter writing to Bishop David Zubik.


Pray much. Pray often. Join us in praying for the specific intentions of:

  1. The reinstatement of the sacraments in the Diocese of Pittsburgh
  2. A deepened desire by our diocesan leaders to prioritize spiritual health over physical health
  3. Bishop Zubik to experience a flood of even greater devotion to the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.


Let us devote ourselves to a period of intense daily fasting.

Consider a food fast, with an addition of something else like cold showers, the "heroic minute", fasting from TV, etc. 


Write, sign, and send a letter to Bishop Zubik begging him to reinstate the sacraments in our diocese. 

We have provided a template letter as an example, so that we can campaign for the sacraments out of love. Feel free to use this or similar language! If you choose to write your own letter, please use this guide so that your language reflects charity. 

To ensure that your letter reaches Bishop Zubik's desk, and hopefully reads the entire thing, we recommend you do the following:

  • Address the letter to:
    • His Excellency, David A. Zubik
    • Diocese of Pittsburgh
    • 111 Boulevard of the Allies
    • Pittsburgh, PA  15222-1618
  • Write "CONFIDENTIAL" on the outside of the envelope in large red letters
  • Hand write the body of the letter if you are able to.


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